Black Friday – All £15 PCM hosting signed up today receive a free SSL

This past Summer ALL major Web Browsers began rolling out changes to their products which began marking both Secure and Not Secure websites more prominently.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer have already begun marking non SSL websites that collect user names and passwords as “Not Secure”, with Google indicating they will begin giving SEARCH RESULT preference to websites using SSL certificates against others that do not comply with SSL or https certificates.

Currently these warnings are being rolled out in neutral colours, however all three companies plan to begin displaying Not Secure websites (those without valid SSL certificates) in RED and compliant Secure websites in GREEN (with the associated padlock icon)

These warnings are clearly attempting to encourage a more secure website experience. However due to the perceived negative connotations associated with these warnings it is very important that you consider the action you may need to take with regard to your website hosted with us.

SSL certificates are used to establish the credentials of your organisation’s network components and to secure the transfer of sensitive information between a server and the user’s machine using the strongest identity authentication and data encryption standards.


Along with your SSL Certificate, you will receive Gravityscan Trust Badge completely free!

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