Social Media

Facebook Pages

With in excess of 2,300,000,000 active users, Facebook is, without a doubt, a goldmine for companies and individuals looking to expand their company’s reputation online.  We can produce your Facebook page and syndicate your content to Facebook as and when you require. We can also embed Facebook functionality directly into your website.


Now a buzzword across the traditional media, Twitter is an amazing tool for directly interacting with your customers both current and potential. We will build you a Twitter ‘back’ and provide training for the use of Twitter so that your business makes the best use of this powerful platform.


YouTube is known for its amazing number of daily video views. Gangnam Style by Psy has now surpassed 3,300,000,000 views. Although we would never suggest your business videos could achieve this level of viewership, it is still, without a doubt, an open secret that YouTube can provide your business with a ‘leg up’ on SEO results. We also provide a Web Promo service which will get you on the ladder to better search results.

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