Video Promos

Is your business looking for a hassle free alternative to expensive video production?

Traditionally video has been seen as a complex and time consuming process that would be out of the reach of most businesses.

Not any more!

Matt Porter Web Design Limited are  specialists in the production of tailor made marketing videos that don’t cost £1000’s to produce. You simply send us your digital images and we animate them to look like video footage along with a professional voice over and music.

Our most popular Motion Image Video costs just £199.00 for 1 minute

Our videos are completely unbranded and can be used on:

  • Your Website
  • Your Facebook Page
  • Your YouTube Channel
  • Your Google Places page
  • Your Google+ Business Page
  • Your advert
  • As well as being found in Google and all major search engines

Why use online marketing videos?

With the introduction of high speed broadband and the explosion in social media sites such as Facebook more and more people are watching and sharing videos online. Thousands of businesses have already started to use video within their marketing and this is only set to increase the future.

Here are some astonishing statistics on why your business should be using video:

  • Users are 4 x more likely to look at a video on your website and 4 x more likely to take action after watching the video
  • Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL are among the hundreds of Search Engines that give priority listings to websites that host video content
  • YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world after Google with over 3 billion videos viewed every day

Video marketing is a proven and effective way of helping you to stand out from your competitors, engage with your customers and most importantly INCREASE SALES!

The video production process…

– send us 10-12 images you would like used in your video with your company logo

– we write the script and send it to you for approval within 24 hours

– we have your script professionally recorded by our male or female voice over artist

– we send you a link to approve your video on YouTube

– we make any amendments before making the video live on YouTube

– we invoice you for the total balance

– once the total balance is paid we send you the mp4 file of your video

For a FREE video consultation, call us on us on 01473 272002